Harwich Quayside to Dovercourt Bay

Low Lighthouse Dovercourt

Through the old Lighthouse

Today is not so sunny as the past couple of days but it’s still a lovely day as we enter the beginning of summer. There is a great walk from  Harwich Quayside to Dovercourt Bay. And today was particularly peaceful. 


I set off from the Quayside, and headed towards the lifeboat museum and up onto the coastal path. The small boats of the sailing club signal the start of the journey with the old stone pier away in the distance. To the right is Harwich Beach and Foreshore, a tiny haven for many plants and wildlife. And across the water are the vast container ships of Felixstowe.

Harwich Beach and Foreshore

Harwich Beach and Foreshore on a sunnier day!

Old Harwich Stone Pier

Heading to Dovercourt

The tide was in lapping against the sea wall as I headed towards the old stone pier with hardly another person in site.  As I approached the headland the wind started to make itself known as it usually does in this spot. I paused to take a couple of photos of the stone pier.

Harwich Dovercourt

Stone Pier

As I rounded the headland  I was treated with the sight of Dovercourt Bay in front of me with its long meandering walkway, decorated with colourful beach huts urging me to follow. 

Dovercourt Bay Beach Huts

Beach Huts

Beach huts & Lighthouses

Harwich to Divercourt

Looking back along the Promenade towards Harwich

In the distance I could see the two low lighthouses and headed towards them. They were restored in the 1980’s by the harwich society and sit proud on the beach. No longer in use but still a timely reminder of the past shipping history of the area. 

Just further along is another row of colourful beach huts with plenty of seating areas to sit and admire the beautiful view out across Dovercourt Bay. I decided to have a 5 minute rest before cracking on. It’s a 3km walk from one end to the other and I was going to walk both ways so I needed some energy. There’s a a cafe just across the road if you fancy a bite to eat.

Dovercourt Bay

Beach Huts of Dovercourt Bay

If you look back towards Old Harwich, the road climbs up to the top of town and sitting in prime position is the white and blue of the Cliff Hotel where the film crew stayed when they were filming hi de hi! No longer a hotel and set to be transformed into apartments it commands an enviable position.

Cliff Hotel

Hi De Hi

Low Lighthouse Dovercourt

Distant Lighthouse

South Hall Creek

My journey continued along the promenade towards it’s final destination. The sun was starting to make an appearance and the low clouds were starting to dissappear. The path makes a sharp right turn with more colourful beach huts on the way. At the end of the path the scenery returns to nature and the path turns from tarmac to sand and grass as you head across to South Hall Creek.

Harwich Quayside to Dovercourt Bay

The tide is racing in!

This is a very peaceful area but I couldn’t continue my journey across the sands as the tide was racing in and I didn’t want to seek the services of the RNLI!


Harwich and Dovercourt

South Hall Creek

I’ll save the journey across the creek for another day. Back to Harwich!