What’s Happening ?

Have you been to Harwich of late?

If you have you’ll have seen the magnificent old building taking pride of place on the quayside. Originally built as the Great Eastern Hotel, Quayside Court has enjoyed several guises over the years. Steeped in history and a beacon for sailors, past and present looking to moor up and enjoy all the once bustling port has to offer.

Over the years the building has been unloved, but not anymore!

Residents of the building have formed a new crack team of experts to formulate a plan to bring the beautiful old building back to it’s former glory. 2018 is going to see a project put in place to start renovation work on the building. It’s not going to be easy and certainly won’t be happening over night but it’s starting and residents are excited about the future once again.

It will take several years and much hard work as finances are limited and have to be managed effectively to do what’s right for the building but the skills are there and will be used to the benefit of all. 

Quayside Court will once again take pride of place on the quayside and give back to the town. Harwich was once a thriving naval town with many visitors, but over the years that has declined especially with the closure of HMS Gangees across the river. Home to the Mayflower and many historic buildings, Harwich is a gem that’s often overlooked. But those that do know go there often to enjoy all it has to offer. 

Our roving reporters will be staying up to date with developments as they happen and keep you informed….unless they go on the Ale Trail….

What not pay a visit?

In the meantime why not visit historic Harwich, wander it’s sleepy lanes and stop for a bite to eat and enjoy the many excellent establishments on offer. You might fall in love with Harwich!