Addictive TV at the Electric Palace


Last night saw Addictive TV at the Electric Palace Harwich and what a great performance it was. Performing at the historic old theatre made a unique and interesting backdrop against the new, modern, cutting edge of music sampling at it’s best.

Addictive TV were bringing their “Orchestra of Samples” to the Harwich Festival. Having spent several years touring the world and meeting and speaking to 200 artists they took samples of their singing and music to a new level and created new music, with a unique sound and a truly global feel.

Before they entered the stage we were treated to a very personal and unexpected Q&A with the guys where they told us who they were, what they wanted to achieve and past and future musical projects. Their back catalogue involved working with blockbuster movies such as Slum Dog Millionaire and a mainstream TV advert for Chanel 5’s coverage of the Europa League.

Lets start!

The show began with a performance by Amber Scott who is a one-girl sample desk. Playing a mixture of covers and original compositions she created using her guitar, sample peddles and powerful vocals.

The Main Event

Addictive TV have a video backdrop showcasing the musicians who are being sampled which brings a visual element to the performance. The show started slow and melodic gradually building and overlaying their samples to  bring together and an amazing and creative sound reminiscent of Cold Cut. They were accompanied on percussion by Paul Gunter from Stomp and the almost tribal and ethnic beat was at the forefront of their music creating a  global sound.

Baluji Shrivastav

One of the musicians Addictive TV collaborated with is Baluji Shrivastav. Baluji is a multi talented musician who plays a variety of Indian instruments and is arguably  one of the best sitar players there is. Blinded from a very young age he has gone on to create the Inner Vision orchestra. Founded in 2012 it brings together 14 blind musicians.

Addictive Tv bring a French element into the mix later in the show with a superb hip-hop track and another created in the Jasmin area of Paris. You can feel the international influences in all of their tracks. There is a distinct Middle Eastern feel flavoured with Mexico and the visual backdrop helps to take your journey to where the samples were recorded.

The guys really put on a great show and clearly have a passion for what they do and they do it brilliantly. It was a very enjoyable show and complimented this years Harwich Arts Festival.

They have a lot of their material on youtube and its worth taking a look. if you’re out and about this summer you may be able to catch them on one of their live tour dates