A beautiful morning in Harwich!

I woke up early today and what a beautiful morning in Harwich. It’s always lovely being out and about before the rest of the world awakens and Harwich never fails to disapoint. The quayside was just starting it’s day, the cafe was open and a couple of early risers were taking advantage of a quiet coffee and breakfast. I stepped onto the Ha’penny pier and took in the wonderful views across the river. The water was like glass and there was just the sound of waves lapping against the quayside. The Harwich Harbour Ferry and the Sealspotter were making their final checks in preparation for a busy day and a few yachts were starting to stir.

The sun was already doing it’s best to turn me into a pillar box and I decided to head for Harwich foreshore and take some photos. The tide was out and it’s the best time to enjoy all it has to offer. The small stretch of sand is a haven for wildlife and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

As it was still early I was one of the very few who were out and about and I got some great photos. The area is an important site for geologists and fossil hunters and plays an important part in the geological history of our island.

Even though it’s sandy and very dry there is an abundance of flora and fauna here, and as it was low tide, I was able to walk out and get a good view of the old wooden structures that are now just relics of what they once were and snap some shots.

There are so many places to discover in Harwich and the foreshore is just one of them and if you dig a little deeper you might find yourself going further back in history than you were expecting!

It’s a bluzer!

Editor in Chief