8 great things to see and do in Harwich

10 things to see and do in Harwich

Across the water to Felixstowe from Harwich Foreshore

There’s a lot more to Harwich than just a cruise ship destination! I’ve picked out 8 great things to see and do in Harwich but there’s lots more so why not come along and see for yourself?

LV18 Lightship & Radio Mi Amigo

The last manned lightship

Situated on the Quayside in old Harwich sits the magnificent  LV18 Lightship She was the last maned lightship and was saved and restored by Tony O’Neil and the Pharoes Trust. The vessel has been beautifully restored and is found just as it was left before being decommissioned. But that’s not all as it’s also the home Radio Mi Amigo and BBC Pirate Radio.

Ha’Penny Pier

Built in 1853 the Ha’Penny Pier is one of the UK’s last remaining wooden, working piers and worth a visit. Why not have a bite to eat and stop at the Cafe on the Pier

Harwich festivals for 2018

Throughout the year Harwich hosts a great selection of festivals from beer festivals, the arts and even sausages! I’ll outline a snapshot below but pop over to events in Harwich for an extensive menu!

21st June – 1st July Harwich Festival Of The Arts

7th July Harwich Secret Gardens

23rd July Harwich Lifeboat Week

26th – 28th July Beer Festival at the Redoubt 

29th July Harwich Sea Festival 

5th – 7th October Harwich Shanty Festival

3rd November Harwich Sausage Festival

This is the link for the 2017 sausage festival but it gives you a taste…..pun intended!

Harwich Redoubt Fort

The Harwich Redoubt Fort is well worth a visit. Built in 1808 and restored and maintained by the Harwich Society it deserves it’s place as one of the stand out attractions of Harwich. It even has a resident ghost and you can experience a haunting for yourself at one of the Haunted Nights.

Harwich Harbour Ferry

This is a picture of the ferry

Harwich Harbour Ferry

The Harwich Harbour Ferry is a great service and an excellent day out. Pop over to Shotley or Felixstowe for the day or a few hours, but make sure you don’t miss the last crossing of the day!

Historic Walk and Guided Tours

Between May and September you can embark on a guided tour of Historic Harwich every Saturday from 2pm. The Harwich Society organises a tour starting from the Ha’Penny Pier and you don’t have to book!

The Old Lifeboat Station

This is a picture of the lifeboat museum

The Old Lifeboat Station and Museum

Whilst on your guided tour you’ll come across the old lifeboat station and it’s a must for any visitor. It’s not very big but it packs a punch and is full of fascinating information and history.

Great Pubs And Restaurants

By now I’m sure you’ve built up an appetite and a thirst!

In a past life harwich was very well known for the huge number of pubs in a very small space. But not so much today, however, the establishments that remain have an excellent reputation both locally and further afield. Harwich is lucky to have one of the best Thai Restaurants with a 5 star rating from TripAdvisor.

The local pubs all serve a great selection of craft ales with many of them brewed locally at The Harwich Town Brewing Co

Whether you prefer a great gastro pub or excellent home cooking I’m sure you’ll find something to suit. So, what are you waiting for?

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